Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where did summer go?

We have had quite a fun yet busy summer! Trying to get used to owning a home and all the responsibilities that come with that has been a good challenge for us! We're now digging up our backyard (i'll post some pics soon) trying to build a rock wall and a fence before the summer's over. We have gotten to go to the beach quite a bit which has been fun, especially with Rommel, he's such a good dog and we've had an awesome summer spending time with him. Life is so different as a dog owner in a good way! It makes us get out and go to the beach, or on a hike or a walk, we're a lot more active now which is a good thing for us too! Heres a cute video of him at our latest beach trip trying to dig up somethin...he never found anything though :)

Oh yeah! And YAY football season is upon us :) We got our Seahawks season tickets in the mail and are excited to have 8 games to get to go up to Seattle to see, we'll take pictures and show you! :) The season home opener game for the Seahawks is September 14th against the 49ers...sorry Nate, Anne will have to wear Red and Gold that game!