Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nate and Anne

So...this is going to be a LONG post... Nate and I have been married for 4 years this September! We are originally from Portland, but went to school in Seattle and moved back to Portland after we graduated from Seattle Pacific University. I work at Adventist Medical Center as a nurse in the operating room and Nate is the practice administrator for a group of surgeons/physicians who work for Adventist Medical Center. So we work pretty close to each other! Our favorite thing to do is to be outside enjoying God's amazing creation! We love hiking, camping, snowboarding, and anything that involves being outdoors in the beautiful northwest. All the rain here makes for an incredible landscape and we are lucky to live here and hopefully raise our kiddos here some day :)

Oh yeah, and we LOVE FOOTBALL! We've been going to Seahawk games for the last 2 years and have so much fun! Nate always cheers for the Hawks and I usually do....except when they're playing the 49ers.

We just bought a house on May 26th we got our keys and have been loving being home-owners! Thats my little bro bennie in the left corner of the picture :)

We got a dog the day after we moved in (we are crazy, i know), he's a german shepherd and we named him Rommel. He's such a sweetie and has been trying hard to get along with our two persian cats Tully (brown) and Bruiser (grey). I don't think they'll be getting along for a while....

This picture is when we first got Bruiser when he was 8 weeks old...such a cutie.

This is them both full grown now, they look so chubby, but believe me, its all fur...i vacuum it up twice a week! :)
Here's our puppy Rommel when we first saw him at the kennel, he was 8 weeks old.
And then here's a picture at the beach, he's 4 months old now and has grown so much!

So thats it for now, we are excited to continue to keep in touch with all of our friends and family with our blogs, its pretty fun!


Beth said...

Wow, we get to be the first posters of the Lucias blog!!

Great pictures, your house looks great, such a nice place, we'll look forward to visiting the next time we're in town. Beautiful

Rommel is getting big so fast. Those German shepherds look great, and they are so smart, he looks like a great dog. We'll wait to get a dog until our kids can help to take care of them.

Well, keep the posts and pictures coming, we'll check them daily!

Nathan, Beth, Brianna, NJ

Tiffany Ochsner said...

good start :) I like the summary. hehe. it's like I never knew you...
now I've gotta beef up my blogging again.. thanks a lot (j/k) :) looks fun huh :) you'll find your self craving comments nightly lol