Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow.....its been SO long since our last post! Almost a year but not quite :) Since we have way too much to update all at once, we just wanted to show some updates we've done since last summer around our house. We have absolutely loved being homeowners and all the fun and not-so-fun things that go along with that. The main things we've changed is building a wall and a fence in our backyard.

This is how the yard looked originally when we bought the house. The back part of the yard sloped up to an incomplete fence that definitely wasnt gonna keep Rommel in the yard.

heres where we had to dig out the slope of our backyard and dig out a 90° angle so we could build a retaining wall. Rommie was being the observant contractor for us :)

Getting the first row of the rock wall was the hardest part and then it went pretty quick.

Nate and his dad worked two weekends straight getting the posts, crossbeams and pickets up, they did an awesome job!

Here's the before of the kitchen countertops

The new granite countertops are amazing! We have a friend who works for a granite company who helped us get a great deal on them.

We are still in the process of finishing the tile backsplash and painting the walls, so when we finish those we'll get some more pictures up....promise it wont be a year! :)


Nadia said...

Oh my goodness! Your house looks amazing! Everything looks so professional and really well done, way to go! I can't believe it's been just a few months since we've been there and so much improvement! Congrats!

nate and anne said...

thanks nadia! yeah, our goal is to have the kitchen done by the time lifegroup starts up again in september...i think we can do it :) Nate has done an awesome job!