Monday, July 6, 2009

THERE'S SUMMER!!!! (volume 2)

we went to gearhart beach with our friends Jon and Kendall for the 4th of july this year. Its a great beach to just relax at. You can drive down the beach in your car and pick anywhere to park. We built a fire, played fetch with Rommie and made some s'mores..mmmmm. Oh, and of course lit off some fireworks.

We had a great 4th with our friends! As fun as all those things are tied with celebrating the fourth, the most important is to celebrate the ones who have served our country so that we have the freedom to choose. Thank you so much!!! God has blessed America in so many ways, the 4th is a great reminder to not take those blessings for granted.


Beth said...

I'm so glad to be the first to comment!
First off, Happy Birthday Nathan, Happy Birthday Anne, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Hope you had a Blessed Easter, and a Wonderful Memorial Day. There, I feel caught up now.

Wonderful pictures of the beach, the fireworks (I tried to get pictures that good, and couldn't) Smores and a day on the beach, that's tough to beat! Wish we could have been there.

Congrats on Megatron 3, you seem rather enthusiastic about it, Nathan!

Nathan and Beth.

nate and anne said...

hahaha! Thanks for the warm birthday/holiday wishes....we deserve a little sarcasm :)

Nadia said...

Oh it's summer!!! I found it for you! Glad you are to see pics!

Jonathan said...

Holy Shnikes!! Megatron 3 rocked my world!! Those sure some clear pictures...whoa!! Want to trade a bike and my old Nintendo for it? Thanks for a fun weekend...we love hanging with you guys!!